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Welcome to the TELLER × SILVERCLAW website.

My name is HIROMI and I'm the owner and artisan of TELLER × SILVERCLAW.

TELLER was launched out of a desire to create uniquely designed high quality handmade leather goods for those who value quality, authenticity and individuality. 


From design to completion, all my creations are handmade by me at my workshop in Chicago & Los Angeles.  SILVERCLAW is a TELLER's sister brand (The differences between the 2 brands).

The leathers I have in my studio are more than just the materials I make my creations out of.  They are, for me, like individuals in human life. 

Out of respect for the fact that leather was once part of living animals, I do my leather crafting as a process of keeping them alive by transforming them into something beautiful, with new looks and personalities that enhance their own natural beauty and character. 

Regardless of how they look and where they come from, all the leather I use for my creations are equally important for me and worthy of a new life.

The designs of my creations are influenced by the places I've traveled, the people and things I've been inspired by and the experiences of my life in Japan, Spain and the United States.

Leather breathes and keeps changing in appearance, strength and softness with age and tells its own story.  It's my great hope that you enjoy the beauty of its changing character and add a new story to your TELLER × SILVERCLAW product.

IMG_7174 copy.jpg


The difference between these 2 brands, my purposes of making every piece different and more.


Who is Hiromi?

TELLER × SILVERCLAW is fully a one-woman operation company.


A large variety of hand-stitching threads and methods

A few different types of hand-stitching threads in 58 colors.


 Unlimited custom dye colors

All dye colors used for TELLER × SILVERCLAW hand-dyed goods are made in house one color at a time for specific pieces with Italian non-toxic dyeing agent.

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