CHION-IN on SEP 25TH 2011 (gradational hand-dyed case)

CHION-IN on SEP 25TH 2011 (gradational hand-dyed case)


One of one. 


Hard shell eyeglass case made with top grade vegetable tanned leather. 


Gradation hand-dyed (dark green - dark blue - dark red) using Italian non toxic dyeing agent.  


With durable UV resistant red waxed thread, "CHION-IN on SEP 25TH 2011" case is hand cross-stitched that takes more than twice as much time as the saddle stitch takes.  Hand cross-stitch also requires two to three times as much thread as the saddle stitch requires. 


Designed to fit standard aviator frames.  Brass hardware.  Its own ID number embossed.  The edges are well burnished and then painted in red (around the lid) and black (below the red stitches).


It comes with my handmade gift pouch made with Japanese fabric and Horween leather pieces.  The pouch will be wrapped with a very unique Japanese paper handmade in Japan.  The paper is made out of Kinnyaku (edible corm)!


From cutting to completion, each process is done by hand at my workshop in Los Angeles.

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