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 Hand sewing offers outstanding durability and unique styling

One of the hand-stitching methods used at TELLER × SILVERCLAW is called the SADDLE STITCH (SS), which is known as the strongest way of assembling leather goods.  The SS dates back hundreds of years and it gives an unique look as well as superior strength that can't be achieved with a sewing machine It requires two needles to pass through the same hole and alternate sides while the machine stitch is two threads running in parallel.

Another hand-stitching method I use frequently is the CROSS STITCH (CS), which is as durable as SS and gives it more structural stability than the SS.  CS takes more than twice as much time as the SS takes.  It also requires two to three times as much thread as the SS requires.  Those two numbers will increase when making a larger piece.  The extra labor and materials are why the CS adds extra character to the products, especially when it's done using more than one color.

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