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HERGÉ  (1.5"W)

HERGÉ (1.5"W)


1.5" wide. 


Solid brass hardware (Antique or Pewter finish).


All edges are beveled and hand-burnished.


There are 6 buckle holes and the hole spacing is 1".


A buckle is attached with removable Chicago screws, so you are able to change the buckle if you wish.


6 oval shaped holes (teardrop -shaped holes availble by request). 


Each process is done by hand at my workshop in Chicago.




Please measure your current belt from "the edge of the strap where the buckle prong goes through to fold" to the most used hole.  The measurement will be the length from the edge of the strap to the 3rd hole of your new belt.  The length from the strap end edge to the closest hole (the 6th hole) is 4".  Feel free to contact me if you are unsure your size or have any questions!

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