HORWEEN SHELL CORDOVAN eyeglasses cases/ sleeves

The last piece of the collaboration product with Horween is available on Horween Website.
Each piece is One of One.
   Case: $295  /  Sleeve: $255  
In the 2nd run of our collaboration, Nick introduced me to the unique shells: Tumbled and boxboard cordovan.  If Horween shells were movie stars, I'd say: the Color 8 is Paul Newman (undeniably good looking), the Marbled is Daniel Day-Lewis (each time different and awes us with great surprises), the Tumbled is Steve McQueen (even at the worst condition still attractive with its charismatic feel) and the Boxboard is Tom Hanks (super solid, friendly and trusted).  I love all the pieces for different reasons and have no fave, but if I was asked which cases feel the most solid in the hand, the 4 pieces made with Boxboard shell would sweep the podium.  And I've got to love the Tumbled shell pieces, too, because McQueen is my idol.

All the pieces listed below were sold on Horween website.  Thanks so much to those who became their owners.


Please contact me if you are interested in making a custom eyeglass case.

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