The SILVERCLAW sleeves can be commonly used as a skinny eyeglass case as well as a cellphone case.

Each piece is One of One.

From cutting to completion, each process is done by hand at my workshop in Chicago.

The eyeglasses (the 3rd row) is 5.63"(142.9mm)W x 1.75"(44.5)H x 1.13"(28.6mm)D.  It comfortably fits in the standard size sleeves and the shape and the thickness of the sleeve keep the glasses not falling down when it's held upside down.
The cell phone size in the wide sleeve (the 3rd row) is 5.97"(151.7mm)H x 2.97"(75.4mm)W x 0.29"(7.3mm)D.

TELLER & SILVERCLAW uses USPS priority mail for both international and domestic shipping.  Please contact me before placing your order if you prefer another USPS shipping methods or another shipping carriers. 

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