What is the difference between TELLER and SILVERCLAW?

TELLER and SILVERCLAW differentiates from each other by the specific crafting methods,materials and product production quantity.

TELLER products


Crafting methods

From cutting to assembling, each product is made entirely by hand using only simple hand tools and no machinery.  A sewing machine might be used only if that yields a better result aesthetically than hand-stitching.

Any method alterations will be indicated in the product page.


Made with the leathers come from the top U.S. and European tanneries and occasionally rare hides and skins come from different parts of the world.


One-of-One.  Each piece is made as either custom, one-of-a-kind (ready-to-wear) or in a collaboration.

The only case that the same product is produced more than one is when they are made as a set or custom ordered from the same customer.

Crafting methods

The same as TELLER or a mix with machinery.


The same as TELLER or the ones produced by another tanneries.


The same as TELLER, a limited edition or a limited quantity production.

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 TELLER  is the name of the man who is a big reminder of the important people, precious things and good times of my life.