TRIENT (HORWEEN Color 8 based marble Shell Cordovan)

TRIENT (HORWEEN Color 8 based marble Shell Cordovan)


Made with HORWEEN color 8 based marbled shell cordovan.


Brass hardware. All edges are hand-burnished.


The case is hand-stitched using French waxed threads in color of Lavender (the sides) and Violet (the lid).


The same marbled cordovan piece is attached to the back side of the lid to cover the snap as well as to reinfoced the lid.  The back side of the bottom snap is covered with a small piece of leather to protect pens from scratching.


The case holds 9 standard size (5-15/16" x 5/16") pens.


Approx. 2.75"H x 7.5"L (when it's closed)

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