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100% NON toxic dyeing agent & highest grade vegetable tanned leather used for TELLER × SILVERCLAW hand-dyed leather goods

Create one and only accessories with my unlimited custom dye colors and highest grade vegetable tanned leather just for you.

All colors are made in house

I make all dye colors by hand-mixing primary colors in my studio one color at a time for specific pieces. Each color is absolutely vibrant more than the colors made with oil and alcohol dyes which contain toxic ingredients.



To create the products my customers are able to use/ wear with no concern on health and environmental issues, all of my hand-dyed products are dyed with 100% NON-toxic Italian-made dyeing agent

TELLER × SILVERCLAW custom leather dye color sample
Custom leather dye color sample

Click the images and see which listed custom dye color was used for each product.

Made with the leather that only gets better with age


The leather used for my hand-dyed products comes from one of the best tanneries in the world who has rich history and it's their highest grade vegetable tanned leather.

Color variations


Due to hand-dyeing and the fact that dyes penetrate into leather differently for various reasons (temperature, the types and thickness of hide etc.), the color that are dyed in the same hide at the same time can look different

Also, depending on dyeing methods, the number of coats, and different leather agent applied before and after dyeing,
the final look of dyed leather can look significantly different as well.  Therefore, please expect that the actual colors of my hand-dyed products will not look exactly as same as the colors you see in the photos.

Colors that are made, especially by mixing more than 3 colors, could have different appearances depending on lighting conditions.  There is also a
chance that a color that you didn't notice at the beginning will appear with time.

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