MELISSA - AFTER RAIN (cow suede clutch with a full grain latigo strap)

MELISSA - AFTER RAIN (cow suede clutch with a full grain latigo strap)

$195.00 Regular Price
$165.00Sale Price

11" x 7" x  2"


Made with the combination of turquoise and navy cow suede. Lined with durable pig skin suede. A piece of braided leather is attached to a durable Japanese YKK navy zipper. The TELLER logo hand-dyed in Burgundy. 


The strap is made with premium full grain cowhide leather hand-stitched with 2 different durable waxed threads, turquoise and olive. A durable antique finish swivel clip is attached. Its own ID number embossed.


These clutches are made in honor of my dear friend, Melissa, who passed away in the winter of 2009. 


A TELLER logo is attached to this clutch because it was made as a TELLER  product before SILVERCLAW was born.  This clutch is now categorized as a SILVERCLAW products because of its materials.


    All SILVERCLAW and TELLER products are final.

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