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Gift wrapping for TELLER Products

Due to the fact that the shapes and sizes of my products vary widely, the products themselves constantly change and they are made either as One-of-One or in very small quantities, making custom gift boxes for them is very challenging.
As a solution, I use uniquely made high quality handmade papers come from all over the world including Kyoseishi paper* produced in Japan.  Some of the TELLER products also come with my handmade pouch or furoshiki cloth using Japanese fabric.  This wrapping idea is also to introduce some unique handmade pieces made by other creators to my customers. 
Kyoseishi paper*: Coated with konnyaku (edible corm) juice, a form of starch derived from the Konjac plant, "Devil's Tongue".  The paper has an unique textured surface and is strong and flexible enough to withstand rubbing, kneading and crumpling and is ideally used for decorative purpose.

Click the images below to read the descriptions.

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