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Custom order estimated prices
  • BOW TIE: $65~
  • BELT: $130~
  • CARD CASE: $80~
  • DOG COLLAR: $60~
  • EYEGLASS CASE: $155~
  • SLEEVE: $135~
* Monogramming (up to 3initials): $10.00
* The listed prices do not include taxes.
HORWEEN shell cordovan
  • CARD CASE: $155~
  • EYEGLASS CASE: $315 (includes 2 threads and 2 edge paint colors of your choice)~
*All Shell cordovan prices include free 3 initial monogramming
* The listed prices do not include taxes.
The listed prices are mostly for hand cross-stitched products. 
Please contact me for more details if you are interested in saddle-stitched products.
Most custom prices will roughly +10% - 20% of the listed One-of-a-kind product prices (except for the belts and dog collars).
Most small products (the same style of the listed One-of-a-kind products) takes 2-4 weeks to be fulfilled.  Large items as well as any non-listed products takes 3 weeks or longer.  The estimate times are approximations and it may take longer/ shorter depending on the season and materials availability.  Therefore, please feel free to contact me if you need your order immediately or if you have any questions.
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