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Thanks for coming to visit TELLER × SILVERCLAW website.
My name is HIROMI and I'm the owner and artisan of TELLER × SILVERCLAW.

All my products are either custom or produced in very limited quantity and the reason for that is to make each piece in the same way I make things with care and putting thought into it for my loved ones.

A series of unusual life events got me out of Japan, took me to Spain and brought me here to the US quite some time ago.  Along the way, my path crossed the paths of many others.  I learned that I gain the greatest meaning and joy when something I'd either given to, shared with or made for someone still accompanies them on their journey.  Something that acts as a tangible reminder of good times passed.

Today, we live in the world where we can take a glance at others' lives from almost anywhere at anytime and often it happens without exchanging words or even being noticed and that is seemingly becoming normal to many.

As a person who deeply appreciates and is connected to the things and the people existing in the real world, I'd like to make my creations and serve them to each of my customers as if they are good friends of mine, no matter how far away they live and whether or not we've ever met in person. 

As a woman who often finds the outfits and accessories she wants for herself in Men's products, my products are not categorized by gender.  TELLER × SILVERCLAW are for all ages, all races and all genders.

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